SINCE 1921


   In1921, Swam Electric Company was founded by Mr. Roland Swam.  We have been serving the Hanover area and national markets with dependable products and quality service.

    On this site, we have summarized the many products and services that Swam Electric offers to its customers.   Please explore our site with the navigation bar on the left or by using the links included within each page.  We ask that you treat this information as an overview, and we encourage you to contact us for more in-depth information on items or services of interest to you.



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Electrical Construction
provides installation and service
for industrial, commercial and institutional needs for customers in Hanover and the surrounding areas.



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Control Systems /
Power Distribution

designs and fabricates both electrical control panels and power distribution panels for national and international sales.




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Motor Sales and Service
offers a wide variety of electrical motor products to suit your needs.  We also offer authorized warranty repair for many major manufacturers' products.


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